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August 15, 2011

Podcast Episode Two Is Up: You Can’t Know the Distance, Size, and Speed of UFOs

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I wanted to announce that the second episode of my Exposing PseudoAstronomy podcast has been posted now to both the website and the RSS feed. The episode is a bit different than my last one (the dark side of the moon), as I’m now getting into the more “interesting” (read: “controversial”) topics.

I have addressed this one before on the blog, but this episode is an example where a podcast really works much better than a blog since I can include audio of people actually making the claims (and I’m an educator and claim fair use for those who want to cry copyright issues).

I got a new microphone, hopefully it sounds better this time, less tin-y, and I give you the solution to the first episode’s puzzler. Give it a listen and please give me any feedback you want, either here, on the website for the podcast, the SGU message board thread I set up, or to podcast at sjrdesign.net.

And yes, I do plan on doing mini-posts here to announce when new episodes are up.


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