Exposing PseudoAstronomy

May 22, 2014

Podcast Episode 110: Solar System Mysteries “Solved” by PseudoScience, Part 2 – The Pioneer Anomaly

Pioneers: Little
Spacecraft that could. But, reveal
New physics, maybe?

The long put-off episode on the Pioneer Anomaly (you’re welcome, Graham). This is a normal-length half-hour episode, hopefully a complete telling of the story, hopefully understandable. There are a lot of links in the shownotes, so head over there if you get lost.

There’s also a Q&A segment, a question from the many in my archive.

There are also three announcements, two requiring links. First up is the trailer for my Cydonia region of Mars video, and second is that this Saturday I will be interviewed on ATS Live (I’ll try to record it and post if possible). I don’t know all of what we’ll talk about, but topic-wise we will likely hit on Bob Lazar and John Lear … if you’re into UFOlogy, you almost certainly know those names.



  1. Great episode Stuart. This whole thing has always reminded me of the trajectory deviations that occurred during Apollo 13s return to Earth, inexplicable during the flight, during the post-mission analysis it was determined they had been caused by the steam released by the LMs cooling system. As with the Pioneer Anomaly it turned out that a small force applied over a long period of time had major effects.

    Comment by Graham — May 23, 2014 @ 7:47 pm | Reply

    • Thanks, Graham.

      Comment by Stuart Robbins — May 24, 2014 @ 9:38 am | Reply

  2. Looks like the Juno mission to Jupiter had it’s own Anomaly, and the modelling suggests that something interesting may be happening, but pinning it down could prove to be expensive.


    Comment by Graham — December 1, 2017 @ 5:40 pm | Reply

    • Yup, just read the story on the same site an hour ago.

      Comment by Stuart Robbins — December 1, 2017 @ 5:40 pm | Reply

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