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August 25, 2011

“The Apollo Moon Hoax” Presentation on Saturday

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Moon Hoax Poster

Moon Hoax Poster

Sorry for the late-late notice, but if anyone who reads my blog is in or around the Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA) area, I will be giving a version of my talk about the Apollo Moon hoax: “The Apollo Moon Hoax: Why We Did Not Not Go to the Moon.”

The presentation will be about an hour including ~10 minutes for questions. It starts at 3PM and will be part of the Colorado Springs SkeptiCamp held at the Gay and Lesbian Fund, 315 East Costilla Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. (I personally find it interesting that there is a GLBT center in Colorado Springs considering how creationist the town is — it’s where the Focus on the Family headquarters is.)

In the presentation, I go through many claims put forth by Moon hoax proponents and show quickly and easily why they’re all, well, wrong. As an interesting bit of trivia, an earlier version of this talk was the first ever talk presented in conjunction with any SkeptiCamp. It wasn’t the first actual SkeptiCamp talk, but it was the talk the night before at the pre-party.


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