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August 20, 2011

New Interview on “The Conspiracy Skeptic” Podcast

I was interviewed yet again by Canadian (but he’s still a good guy!) Karl Mamer, the self-annointed “Conspiracy Skeptic.” The episode is about an hour long, though unfortunately it was recorded 5 days before my new microphone arrived. Oh well.

This particular episode is a miscellany of topics, though it can be roughly summarized into three main ones: Physics for Skeptics, more talk about Michael Horn (the Billy Meier “media representative” in America), and other miscellaneous topics.

For the first item I gave a bit of a run-down of a talk I gave in Boulder for the 2011 Denver SkeptiCamp where I talked about a few things in modern physics that new-agers have used to promote their ideas, but that really don’t support their ideas. The middle topic is in response to a few recent blog posts Michael Horn made (and I’m sure he’s going to post a lot here in the comments to this post – so just FYI ahead of time, I will not be responding). And the miscellaneous items are a bunch of random things about me, what I’ve been doing, what I’m up to, and a quick rehash of a recent blogpost on 2012.

So, sit back, close your eyes, and listen. Or, don’t close your eyes if you’re driving.

And one more thing. I was negligent back last November and didn’t mention on here that I had been interviewed on The Conspiracy Skeptic again (second item on this page). That one is a more focused 75 minutes where I delved into the many different claims of Richard C. Hoagland (the guy who made his name with the “Face on Mars”). If you don’t subscribe to The Conspiracy Skeptic podcast but you enjoy listening to me ramble on it, then you should check out that episode, as well.

Edited to Add: For those of you who actually are interested in critical thinking – and for those of you who think I haven’t looked into Meier’s claims – I detailed a single study into Michael Horn’s claims of Meier’s “prophecies” about the asteroid Apophis in this blog post. Horn has yet to provide any additional information specific to that claim to show that Apophis was actually predicted in any way. Horn is happy to challenge me to look at other material. I’ve looked at this material and multiple times challenged him to provide actual evidence of prophecy in that case that he claimed. Still waiting.


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