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April 1, 2010

Giving Up the Fight and Turning to the Light

Giving Up the Fight and Turning to the Light


Well folks, I’ve decided to give up the fight. No, not because some “Big Government” folks got to me, nor for the opposite reason that they stopped my paychecks commin’. Rather, I’ve decided to approach life with a much more open, spiritual mind.


Over the past few months, from listening to shows like Coast to Coast AM, Skeptiko, ID the Future, and Around the World with Ken Ham, I’ve decided that the world really must have some aspect to it that science just can’t explain.

There is just so much evidence of it. People have near-death experiences all the time, proving that consciousness is separate from the brain. Children are born with birthmarks and memories of previous lives, the birthmarks being the exact same locations where they were stabbed or shot by a bullet in those previous lives. Every culture around the world believes in ghosts. Everyone can’t just be imagining it!

And then there’s that Dogon tribe in Africa that knew about the companion star to Sirius way before astronomers did, proving they were contacted by ETs. Everyone and their cousin has seen a UFO that has to be proof of ETs or Secret Government Technology controlled by the Men in Black. And there are such convincing test cases – Betty and Barney Hill, and of course the über-clad case of Billy Meier – that it can’t possibly be just someone’s hoax. Horoscopes are in every news paper – even The Onion – and they’re among the most popular sections … people still pay over $500/hr to see astrologers, psychics, etc. They can’t all be wrong!

We just have to live in a beautiful, created universe by a loving creator. It was tailored just for us – Earth is perfect for us to live in and inhabit, and that Creator has provided us a wondrous solar system, galaxy, and universe to view and explore. “The heavens declare the glory of God,” indeed. Every culture around the world has some sort of flood story in its past – they can’t all be just imagining it, it can’t all be Yungian collective unconsciousness.

Final Thoughts

So, I have decided on this First day of April of the 2010th Year of Our Lord, to throw in the towel and embrace the unknown. After all, isn’t that why so-called skeptics don’t like it? Because they fear the unknown? They’re afraid to put themselves into God’s hands? They’re afraid to admit that there may be something more powerful out there than themselves, or that their science cannot explain?

Besides, with the world ending in just 3 years, at the end of 2012 since the Mayans were excellent astronomers and predicted this, why should I spend the last years of my life worrying about convincing people not to believe what everyone else on the planet does?



  1. Nice try… if a few hours early! 😉

    Comment by Woof — March 31, 2010 @ 7:38 pm | Reply

  2. Well, no need to be glum, old chum. After all, the following discussion between Billy Meier and Quetzal, on May 30, 1987, will surely not only reaffirm your faith in pure science but remind you of information that I’m sure you’ve simply forgotten about. ANd let’s, at least fo rthe moment, ignore the fact that a so-called “UFO hoaxer” and “simple Swiss farmer” published this, some 23 years ago:

    Ah, that is accepted and also clear. Now, once again a question that relates to the “black hole” phenomenon. Our astronomical science still isn’t clear as to whether black holes actually exist.

    60. About that, I may not explain too much because there is still a fairly long time needed before the astronomical scientists of Earth are in a position to understand these important things.
    61. So it will extend into the third millennium before they will be ready to gain the necessary understanding for this and to evaluate it properly.
    62. First, they still must attain many other insights through researches, in order to be able to understand everything bit by bit in all contexts.

    But in broad terms, you could still deal with it.

    63. Well, but I may not actually explain too much.
    64. So:
    65. In every galaxy, a black hole exists at its center.
    66. But there are still black holes that have their existence in free space, which are stationary, so to speak, while others wander through free space, as this is also the case with regard to “black clouds,” respectively dark clouds of matter, which are simply called “dark clouds” by the earthly scientists of astronomy.
    67. The so-called “black holes” actually have nothing to do with a hole, for in truth, these concern very coarse-material formations of matter of enormous sizes, which originally result from giant collapsed suns, as well as partially from collapsed galaxies.
    68. Such events likewise occur over and over again, at the present time and also in the future, somewhere in the far reaches of the universal matter belt, which is erroneously regarded and designated as the actual and entire Universe by the earthly scientists of astronomy; although, this consists of six other belts, so therefore, there are seven.
    69. But back to black holes:
    70. These developed, respectively resulted, from the collapsing of suns of immense sizes as well as from the collapsing of galaxies, in which a black hole was already present, however.
    71. Through a collapsing, the entire mass of the collapsing sun or galaxy is so tremendously strongly pressed together, respectively compressed, that a small quantity of only 1 cubic centimeter of matter weighs several tons.
    72. And so, this compressed matter, of course, also generates a powerful gravitational field, by which tremendous masses of matter are attracted and drawn into the “black hole,” respectively into the compression-body, by what means this slowly but steadily grows and becomes larger.
    73. This growing, of course, also means that the gravitational field continues to become stronger and further-reaching.
    74. In your galaxy, which you call the Milky Way, the gravitational field extends far beyond 100,000 light-years in diameter.
    75. From this, it can also be recognized that a galaxy first emerges from an existing “black hole.”
    76. Through its gravitational field, it draws, respectively tears, very far-off nebulae, gases, dust particles, suns, and planets, as well as meteors, comets, and asteroids, etc. into its spell, and then, everything within many light-years of distance begins to rotate around this “black hole,” from which a galaxy is ultimately formed, whose entire mass rotates at tremendous speed – in a bar-shaped, spiral-shaped, or any other form – around the center, even around the “black hole.”
    77. During this process, it naturally happens that through the compressed core, respectively through the “black hole,” the torn-in matter gradually makes the core more and more powerful, and ultimately, it swallows the entire galaxy, which will also happen some day with the Milky Way.
    78. Such a process, however, takes hundreds of millions of years and often even billions of years.
    79. That is, my friend, what I may explain.

    That’s more than I expected. But you can tell me what happens later, then, with a “black hole.” Somehow, it will, indeed, convert back into something, right?

    80. That is correct.
    81. Once a critical mass of a “black hole” is reached, it starts to heat up in a resulting internal atomic fire to such an extent that from this, an enormous solar structure develops, which then separates as an enormous flow of matter and explodes, from which new structures, gases, and nebulae, etc. develop again, which ultimately enter into the gravitational field of a “black hole” again, from which a new galaxy then develops.

    Since we’re already at it: as I was able to determine on my great journey with Ptaah and Semjase, very many stars are seen from the Earth, which actually aren’t such, respectively which aren’t suns, but rather gigantic nebulous formations and galaxies in the depths of space, located at distances that are to be calculated at many tens of thousands or even millions and tens of millions of light-years from the Earth. Not to mention the alleged stars that can’t be seen from the Earth with the eye or with simple telescopes, etc., since they are located billions of light-years away. Many of the so-called “naked eye stars” that are incredibly far away from the Earth truly aren’t such; rather, they are gigantic, radiating nebulous formations or galaxies.

    82. That corresponds to the truth, and in this connection, there can only be talk of those objects that are located at very far distances from the Earth, because from this, there are very many actual solar objects to be seen, which are located at much closer distances.

    My speech also isn’t of these actual suns but just of those very distant objects that are only visible from Earth as so-called stars, but in reality, these are very luminous nebulous formations or galaxies, which exhibit enormous dimensions of dozens or even hundreds of light-years and which exist at distances of many light-years, which must be counted in the dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions.

    83. My words also corresponded to this notion.

    Comment by Michael Horn — March 31, 2010 @ 7:41 pm | Reply

  3. Science IS spiritual. It’s garbage science that isn’t. Intellect is a product of the spirit. People have just stopped questioning, or maybe never started.

    As Plato stated:-

    ‘These books of knowledge are going to lead to trouble. If everyone reads them we won’t be able to tell the difference between intelligent people and fools’.

    Comment by Steve — April 1, 2010 @ 3:46 am | Reply

  4. It’s about time you accept Christ Jesus as your personal savior. And not a moment too soon with Nibaru about to smack into Earth and Billy Meier apparently not able to save us.

    Comment by karl — April 1, 2010 @ 8:03 am | Reply

  5. Science has a God now. It’s called Dark Energy. You can’t detect it but it must be there for everything else to work. Sound familiar?

    Comment by Steve — April 3, 2010 @ 4:43 am | Reply

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