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March 7, 2010

Arbitrary Milestone Reached: More than 100,000 Blog Views

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Humans, by their nature, have many arbitrary milestones by which they judge, rate, rank, measure, and place their lives. In our base-10 number system, many of these have to do with multiples of that base. For example, someone’s 50th birthday is much more momentous than their 49th or 51st, and it’s usually celebrated with more interest than their 60th or 40th. Another example is when that next digit on the car goes from “0” to “1” just after all the preceding digits are “9.”

In similar fashion, I was watching my blog stats on Thursday while I was supposed to be in talks at a conference in Texas. My blog views were at 99,992, and I was hoping to get a screen shot when it passed to 100,000. Unfortunately, I was in a very expensive hotel. You know it’s expensive because most of the stuff that normal hotels give you for free – internet, not getting a newspaper in the morning, continental breakfast, parking, for example – they charged you for at this hotel.

Anyway, the signal upon which I was piggybacking died, and I was without internet in my room for about a half hour. Finally, the page reloaded and I was at 100,010 hits. Darn! I mean, Yay! Well, oh well. I could photoshop it to be 100,000, but it’s not quite the same thing. Anyway, for posterity, here it is, and thank you, RSS followers, subscribers, Christian Forum linkers, 2012 Hoax wiki links, Yahoo! Answers links, and general internet searchers for 100,000 reads. It took about 17.5 months to get there … let’s see if the next 100,000 can go faster! Or, perhaps I should celebrate the 250,000 mark, since that’s a “quarter million” and sounds better?

More than 100,000 Page Views

More than 100,000 Page Views


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