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January 21, 2010

Follow-Up on Apophis and Michael Horn / Billy Meier Documented Claims


Im my most recent post, “Asteroid Apophis and the Michael Horn Claims of Billy Meier,” I addressed the very recent claims of Michael Horn, the “Authorized American Media Representative” of alleged UFO-contactee Billy Meier, a Swiss farmer. The claims were regarding retrodiction of the near-earth asteroid Apophis, its close encounter with Earth in 2029, and formerly ~1:40 chance of hitting Earth in 2036 (now revised to around 1:250,000).

My post centered around critiquing two main claims, the first being why Meier had called an impacting object “red,” and the second why a “meteor” instead of “asteroid.” In the two days since I posted it, I have come across additional material that addresses another claim by Michael Horn, that Billy Meier had predicted this event (or been told of it by his alien contacts) way back in 1981, over 20 years before Apophis was discovered.

Added (11/09/2011): Two minor corrections have been made.

1981 Documented Prediction?

This is actually one of the first claims made in the Coast to Coast AM radio show from January 14, 2010, that Horn makes. It is quite lengthy so I do not want to directly quote, but effectively Horn states that there is indisputable documented evidence that Meier made this prediction in 1981, as the prediction was published in books that post-date that event but pre-date the discovery of Apophis.

So I did some digging, along with the help of “Conspiracy Skeptic” Karl Mamer. What I found was a wiki site devoted to Billy Meier, which conveniently has all of his alleged contact transcripts in both the original German and translated in English; I will note, however, the site is “unofficial and unauthorized” so “may contain errors” … however, it’s the best I have at the moment. The original claim dates to Contact #150. It seems as though, during a previous contact that I cannot find documentation of, the Plejarens allegedly told Meier of a “red meteor” as he asks, “Insbesondere interessiert mich dabei der ‘rote Meteor.’ Ist das nun der Zerstörer, oder handelt es sich um einen anderen Kometen, der immer wieder durch unser Sonnensystem zieht?” or, “I am particularly interested in the ‘red meteor.’ Now, is this the Destroyer, or is this another comet that passes again and again through our solar system?” (From now on I’ll just be posting the English translation.)

The alleged response: “Neither, my friend. The meteor mentioned in the prophecies, which will exhibit an enormous size and cause very vicious, destructive havoc on Earth, and which threatens to bring climatic and also tectonic and other changes, will also threaten to split the Earth’s crust, from today’s North Sea to the Black Sea, but this doesn’t have to be true with certainty because now, certain factors speak otherwise.”

That is about the extent of the prediction in terms of identifiable information. It is not named. It is not said when it will hit, come near Earth, nor be discovered. It is simply the “red meteor.”

2002 Reader Feedback

The next mention of this anywhere that I can find is in 2002. A question was asked by a man named George Madeyski of Meier: “Is the impending ‘Red Meteor’ event still on? (it will rip a gush in Europe from Baltic Sea to Black Sea). Is it fair to ask you this. When you say ‘IMPENDING’ does that mean: within next 20 years, 50 years or what does that word realy [sic] imply? Will this event stop the growth of the food crops for few years and consequently cause famine leading to war for food sources by nations who have nothing to loose(desperate)?”

The response: “It is still on its way. It has not yet been discovered. Well, “officially” Billy doesn’t know. 🙂 Regarding the end question: No, and the Earth will not explode.” I am assuming this response was actually made by Michael Horn rather than Meier speaking in the third person. It has been pointed out to me that the likely source of this response was either Meier (speaking in third person) or, more likely, Christian Frehner.

So, in 2002, 21 years later, we have a question asking for any more information on it, and still there is none.

Enter 2008

Remember, Apophis was discovered and announced towards the end of 2004.

The next mention anywhere that I could find of “2029,” “2036,” or the “red meteor” was in Contact Report 471: “But since we are talking about Mars, the red planet, the Red Meteor comes to my mind, of which it is written in a prophecy. … If I remember correctly, he said that the great danger by the meteor would threaten Earth on the 13th April 2029, while at the same time he also named a date for the year 2036.”

Woah! Where did that come from? Suddenly, we have the exact date of when Apophis will come near Earth (April 13, 2029) and the would-be impact year, 2036. Now, I cannot read minds (though I always envied Lwaxana Troi’s abilities), and there could be documentation out there that I have not been able to find. But to me, it sure seems as though Meier has taken a previous alleged prediction – by using the “red meteor” term – and fit it to Apophis by attach Apophis’ information four years after Apophis was discovered.

So far we have: A documented prediction in 1981 of a “red meteor” that is prophecised to hit Earth – with an escape clause (“this doesn’t have to be true with certainty”). There is no name, no date, no other definitive information. The next mention of it by Meier is in 2008 where he’s taken the “red meteor” from nearly 30 years before and attached Apophis’ information.

Second “Contact Report” of 2008

Contact Report 475 comes out two months later in November 2008 with yet another veiled reference to Apophis: “Regarding the Red Meteor that endangers Earth on the 13th of April, 2029 and of which we have already spoken on the 16th of September, I have been asked about certain things and, therefore, would like to know how big that bloke is. To my knowledge the terrestrial astronomers have already detected it for quite some time and are calling it Aprophis or something. It shall either hit Earth in the year 2029, or only whizzing by very closely. Should it be the latter case, it (the meteor) would reappear in the year 2036 and its close approach to Earth could really lead to a catastrophe if the scientists undertake nothing against it.”

At this point, we have fully linked to Apophis, calling it by name (sort of).

Final Thoughts

At least from what I have been able to find that is documented, I think any objective look at this would say, at the very least, that Meier did not actually predict Apophis. There is no definitive link between the “red meteor” prophecy in 1981 to get to the exact information that Meier states 4 years after Apophis is discovered.

On a related but unrelated note, I invite readers of my first post who may not have read the Comments section of late to go back and look through. As of when I’m posting this in the evening of January 21, 2010, Michael Horn himself has posted a response many, many responses. After this post goes up, I will make my own reply to his comments.

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  2. I struggle to understand how Horn ties the red meteor to apophis. If any pre-2004 Meier “quatrain” stated April 2029 that would be a startling hit. But we just get a vague generality. An asteroid will collide with earth. Stuart made such a prediction on my show. I betcha he’s going to be right in the fullness of time too. But I’m pretty sure Stuart isn’t getting his information from Moff Tweebok of the Mescaloid Federation.

    In 2002, Madeyski asked Meier pointedly for a better definition of the time estimate. This was about 2 years before the asteroid was known. Here would be another perfect opportunity to give us a solid predictive detail. But we just got a vague response.

    And calling it a meteor seems more like an error a lay person would make, not a term the super science-y Mescaloids would use. After all, we’re told these Mescaloids are so familiar with our science that they use the Torino scale years before we think it up. Since we still can avert the predicted collision (according to the Mescaloids), it’s best thought of an asteroid. Right?

    And Meier says the asteroid is 350 meters but the current estimate is 250 meters. No? Maybe 350 is within reasonable error bars. And when it passes between earth and many of our satellites and we can get an accurate measure. So, well, we’ll see. I would hope the Mescaloids had the technology (proton tape measures and beam-o-tron slide rules and the like) to give a more accurate measurement. And it’s really, really odd we’re only getting size detail from the Mescaloids after we got such details from real astronomers.

    Sorry, Horn. Swing ‘n’ a miss. For sure.

    Comment by kamamer — January 22, 2010 @ 7:12 am | Reply

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  5. I have been reading Billy Meier’s contact information in details. And these are a few of my thoughts on them. Firstly, he likes to think he is the oldest soul on planet earth, probably in our universe, yet according to his notes, anyone living on planet earth, is of a lower soul level than the ones from pleiades. He constantly talks about the over population yet he has 3 children himself, one would think an old soul like his would want to adopt 1 or 2 children who are already here rather than having his own. You would really think a very old soul would carry a great deal of love and compasion within him, yet all he ever talks about is catasrophes, and it is clear how much he dislikes America and Isreal. One of the fondamental rules of life is that we are the creators of our own realities. We create our lives, events and future by merely thinking about them. He seems to completely forget about this important fact. Nowhere in his notes, are there any mentions of this vital fact. he seems to think the future is written in stone, He frequently talks about how late it is for us to change anything. And another issue that i think says it all really, is that he claims that the pleiadians are reading our thoughts, That is a violation of our personal freedom. How can a very advanced and spiritual race have no regards for this vital fact. It contradicts everything he is trying to claim they are.
    Human ego is a dangerous thing. Through out history there has been so many people who have wanted to be the chosen one, the one to rescue the world. I think unfortunately Mr Meier is caught in the reincarnational cycle of learning that all humans, all souls are equal. And there is no one person who is here to save the humanity. We are all saving ourselves, by learning and growing as souls. It is our collective consciousness that is making the future. He could do well in learning to be more humble. If pleiadians would decide to make contact with someone, I am sure they would chose someone with a huge amount of love and compasion for earth and everthing living, not someone who seem to be all about doom and gloom. There are many people who have messages from the pleiadians. All of them have one thing in common. they are full of love and hope for the people of earth.

    Comment by Tina — February 26, 2010 @ 7:40 am | Reply

    • Again, another person who has never truly researched the info. Firstly, he never enjoyed the rank of oldest soul(as his own daughter was kidnapped from him, and he has had 22 attempts on his life)in case you haven’t noticed, being a herald of critical information is hazardous to your health. He lost his wife and endured many hurtful incidents. It seems that he focuses on doom and gloom because there is no need to justify people doing the right thing….IT’S WHAT YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE DOING ANY WAYS!!!!There is no evidence of Billy having a clear hate for America or Israel. It is just a fact that these two entities have caused much of the strife in the world and again, when you are confronted by the truth, it hurts.These countries and provinces are on record for having the most unprovoked attacks and unsolicited acts of violence on record than anyone else. Look it up for yourself,I dare you, please I implore you! I have no thoughts either way but historically, if you look at this with a positive-neutral mind set(seeing things as they are, and realizing the best possible outcome.)The Plejaran’s are not reading our thoughts, this is absolute nonsense and you cannot back up these claims.One important directive(my own words)is that they do not interfere in our development unless it concerns the welfare of the solar system. In our relentless pursuit of military might, we invented the nuclear bomb, which was used millions of years ago on this planet, and since then has caused numerous planetary eco-dangerous effects.Case in point, Death Valley. When it comes to being humble, Billy is the one. ALL souls are created equally in this universe and his soul is perfectly in line with this concept. You need to understand that there are OLDER SPIRIT FORMS on this planet because of the unique history of this planet. The human race did not start 2,000 years ago. Nor did it start 20,000 years ago. It started billions of years ago. Millions of years before anyone heard of Earth. Let’s go people. Wake the hell up!!!! YOUR thoughts of compassion and love go as far as your ability to spell COMPASSION. SALOME GAM NAAN BEN URDA GA NEEBER ASALA HESPEROONA!

      Comment by shawn bayne — March 8, 2011 @ 7:35 pm | Reply

  6. You are just as bad as he is.

    Comment by Brian — February 27, 2010 @ 5:58 am | Reply

  7. How has your life been different than what youd imagined?

    Comment by Margaret — April 3, 2010 @ 5:39 pm | Reply

  8. The “red meteor” description is in reference to the tornio scale. Calling it red because that’s where it sits in relation to the scale. This is a prediction and not a prophecy meaning that it will happen. Do not forget that Meier has not received any financial compensation for this information but only created a system for laying down a credible foundation of accurate information so that one day, we as a unified people can take this information and apply it to our civilization on earth far into the future. I noticed that you have cited information from skeptic magazines with a confident zeal and then likewise cited info from the wiki site but with a tone that sounded like you got the info from a drug dealer in a dark alley. Skepticism is indeed very useful and necessary but unfortunately in this case, as is the case with all of the other millions of self proclaimed “experts” out there, it is shoot first and don’t bother with the questions at all, just cite the other skeptics info. too bad. Also there is information about tachyon propulsion, neutrinos, new planets, environmental and societal commentaries, and more. Meier has a published document from 1951 talking about AIDS(yes he also spelled it as an acronym), and people having cell phones, and the internet! Who did he steal that info from? After a while it becomes overwhelming and silly to think about all the people who are trying so hard to debunk this one case. are these people all trying to insure that the people of the world are not being lied to? is everyone really that worried that this one Swiss man is endangering and fooling all the poor ufo buffs of the world? Or are there a whole bunch of folks out there just worried that their fringe and cushy little “ufo speaker guy” job will be shut down(I think the latter). Just the overwhelming amount of attention alone from the skeptics make me want to know more about Billy! So in closing I think the skeptics are doing a great job. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to freak out every time something lights up in sky!!

    Comment by shawn bayne — March 8, 2011 @ 3:32 pm | Reply

    • On the Torino scale, red means an impact is certain. So why does he say “this doesn’t have to be true with certainty”?

      Cell phones and the internet are not so hard to guess if one reads science fiction. For instance here is a webcam from 1911:

      “Stepping to the Telephot on the side of the wall, he pressed a group of buttons and in a few minutes the faceplate of the Telephot became luminous, revealing the face of a clean-shaven man about thirty, a pleasant but serious face.”

      (from Ralph124 C41+ by Hugo Gernsback)

      The same book predicted radar! “A pulsating polarized ether wave, if directed on a metal object can be reflected in the same manner as a light ray is reflected from a bright surface…From the intensity and elapsed time of the reflected impulses, the distance between the earth and the flyer can then be accurately estimated.”

      The AIDS reference is harder to explain. Do you have a link to it, or the context in which it is used?

      Comment by David Evans — August 22, 2011 @ 9:48 am | Reply

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