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January 14, 2009

Status Update

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Stuart Robbins @ 2:51 pm

Sorry folks, I know I haven’t added more content in awhile. I’ve had a conference abstract that was due last week that precluded much of a winter break, which I’m taking this week. I’ve been using the time to do a fair amount of work on the revision of my “Journey Through the Galaxy” website (new version here, old version here) that I’ve had running since 1997 and I’ve linked to occasionally from this blog for background reading.  Oh, and I’ve also been working on photographing some of my coin collection.

I have lots of new post topics coming up, though.  Among them are:

  • Pareidolia and faces and blue-suited bigfoots on Mars.
  • Dr. Larry Esposito responds to an Institute for Creation Research article bashing him.
  • More Moon Hoax articles.
  • Responding to Jason Lisle’s “Taking Back Astronomy” from Answers in Genesis.
  • Radiocarbon dating.
  • Earth’s magnetic field reversals.
  • 2012 Doom!!
  • A Pole Shift … what the claims are and why they’re ridiculous.
  • How Jesus and King Tut are related to Venus flipping over, antigravity, phasers (like Star Trek), and the destruction of God’s soul. (I kid you not.)
  • Astrology – a topic I’ve avoided so far (except in my 2009 psychic predictions and horoscopes).
  • UFO (another topic I’ve avoided so far).  Within this topic, the idea of ancient astronauts and sweet sweet monkey love (the “theory” that space aliens copulated with primates to produce us).
  • … and oh-so-much more!

So yeah, stay tuned and I hope to have at least one content-related post up by the end of the day, with lots more to come!


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  1. Outstanding research you did and may you continue. I will be linking this site to ufocasebook as we are having a field day with the circus monkeys that have polluted genuine research into fortean events by crass commercialism, not that i am against making a buck, but certainly against historical revisionism, bad science, just outright deception. The Mayan 2012 fantasy as continually pushed by coastocoastam George Noorey aka self described new age Light worker is one example. Cults and sects form around concepts like the Haley Bopp fiasco, also pushed by the Artbellshow, which used “remote viewing data” lol, that precipitated a mass suicide (Heavens Gate)
    We can laugh at this stuff, but people are more gullible now than ever, we have not even touched on the truly thousands of mentally ill out there with a keyboard and either eating or adding fuel to the mix.

    Thanks for your and important hard work.


    Comment by Manny — November 9, 2010 @ 3:41 pm | Reply

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